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Ask Lyn: Love for the Environment is a Family Affair

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

TWF Posted by: TWF

Dear Lyn:

Raising children with a mind for conservation, a love for the environment and a sense of social responsibility is important — especially when we will rely on the next generation to carry on the work we are doing today. As the mother of two children, have you been able to impart your love of nature and water quality on them? How has this impacted their lives?

Signed, Curious Candice

Dear Candice,

Certainly, my love of the environment has not only been a critical part of my career, but my home and family as well. Even before they were born, environmental stewardship, water quality and other aspects of the air, land and water have been part of my children’s lives. When they were young, they were at my side as I did my work. Now, as my oldest is in college, I’m beginning to see how this has had an important, shaping role in her life and, now, her future.

My daughter, Lily, was recently featured in an article in Hoosier Riverwatch’s magazine, “Riffles & Pools.” In Lily’s own words, she explains how her life has been shaped by our family’s love and care for the environment. Here’s the article (the story begins on page 2): Riffles and Pools Winter 2023