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Protecting Our Lakes Today and For the Future

Sherman Bryant

The Watershed Foundation takes action for healthy lakes.

Water quality problems — and their solutions — begin on the land.

Water doesn’t follow political or governmental boundaries. It follows the geographical features of a land area, or watershed. Water drains off the land into the nearest creek or river, carrying loose soil, excess nutrients, bacteria, pesticides, toxic metals, exotic invasive species, and other pollutants. Those pollutants eventually flow into our lakes, disrupting their fragile ecosystems and threatening their long-term health. From invasive weeds to toxic algae blooms to declining fish and wildlife populations, pollution has devastating consequences for our lakes and streams – and for our communities.

That’s why we work to stop pollution at its source on land before it ever reaches water.


We inspire people of all ages to do their part for water quality and conservation through educational events, volunteer opportunities, and helpful resources.


We bring together conservation experts, local organizations, government bodies, and community leaders to address water quality issues, implement projects, and support programs that promote clean water in our communities.


We work with landowners, including farmers and lake residents, to identify sources of pollution on land, discuss solutions, and implement projects that stop pollution before it reaches local waters. Our work is proactive and preventative.

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Mapping Successful Conservation

TWF partners with agricultural landowners and lake residents, supporting land and water conservation projects throughout the Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed. At HealthySoilsCleanWater.org, you can search projects, view details, and learn what partners are doing to promote clean water in our community!


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Our Impact


agricultural and shoreline projects completed to date – and we'll complete another 25 projects annually, on average.

9 out of 10

water monitoring sites have shown significant improvement over the past 15 years.

1 billion

pounds of weeds and algae prevented from growing in area lakes and streams in the last 5 years alone.


decrease in phosphorus from the upper watershed, or headwaters, since 2002.


volunteers engaged in local clean water projects each year, on average.

6, 864

Clear Choices Clean Water action pledges taken – and counting!

Did you know? Just one pound of phosphorous can grow 10,000 pounds of weeds and algae.



Protecting our lakes is an ongoing effort, and we can’t do it without you. You can take action by reducing your impact, volunteering your time, making a donation, and more!

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