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Lake and river water quality pollution problems and their solutions begin on the land, and this is where TWF focuses our efforts. Runoff carries pollutants into the nearest waterway. Such pollutants include sediments, nutrients, bacteria, pesticides, toxic metals, and exotic invasive species.

These inputs are harming our lakes. The symptoms we see today include algae blooms, invasive weeds, muddy water, bacteria, nuisance swans and geese, and the decline of fisheries.

The Watershed Foundation works with partners to implement pollution reduction projects. We focus on stopping pollution at its source (on the land) before it reaches our waters. TWF locates problem areas, talks with landowners and residents about ways to protect our water quality, then fixes the problems.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT SOME OF TWF’s RECENT SUCCESS STORIES.


Explore Successful Conservation Projects Across the Watershed

Studies over the past several years have demonstrated an overall improvement in the water quality of the streams feeding our lakes.

Our efforts to reduce and stop water pollution at its source are having an impact, but more work remains.

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