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Taking Action for Healthy Lakes

The Watershed Foundation is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting and improving water quality in the lakes and streams of the Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed.

TWF takes action for healthy lakes by engaging the public in service opportunities, leading conservation partnerships throughout our region, and fixing pollution problems on land.

Founded in 1997, our organization began as the Tippecanoe Environmental Lake and Watershed Foundation (TELWF). TELWF’s first volunteers were residents of  Lake Tippecanoe who recognized that to protect individual lakes a larger vision was necessary – a focus on the entire watershed. Thus, TELWF became TWF: The Watershed Foundation.

Today, TWF works to protect water resources throughout the Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed, a land area that covers 236 square miles and contains over 60 lakes, many creeks and streams, and the Tippecanoe River.

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Our Work

We take a large-scale, proactive approach to protecting local lakes.

Water doesn’t follow political or governmental boundaries. It follows the geographical features of a certain land area, or watershed. Water drains off the land into the nearest creek or river, carrying pollutants like loose soil, excess nutrients from lawn fertilizer, and bacteria. Those pollutants eventually flow into our lakes, disrupting their fragile ecosystems and threatening their long-term health. Water quality problems and their solutions begin on the land – so that’s where TWF focuses our efforts. We carry out our mission in three ways: engaging youth and adults, uniting partners, and implementing solutions.


We inspire people of all ages to do their part for water quality and conservation through educational events, volunteer opportunities, and helpful resources.


We bring together conservation experts, local organizations, government bodies, and community leaders to address water quality issues, implement projects, and support programs that promote clean water in our communities.


We work with landowners, including farmers and lake residents, to identify sources of pollution on land, discuss solutions, and implement projects that stop pollution before it reaches local waters. Our work is proactive and preventative.

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The Watershed Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our work depends on grants and generous support from individuals and businesses. You can help protect and improve water quality throughout our watershed.

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