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While water quality problems are created by the choices and actions of many people, the good news is that the solutions to these problems are within the control of those same people and communities!
Check out these programs and take action to make a difference today!

  • Hoosier Riverwatch

    Join us for a one-day training to become a citizen scientist! Participants will be qualified to conduct habitat and biological surveys of their local streams. Monitoring activities include collecting and identifying small stream organisms called macroinvertebrates—which serve as bioindicators of water quality—and determining the physical and chemical characteristics of the stream.

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  • Healthy Soils, Clean Water

    Roughly 75 percent of the 236 mile Tippecanoe River Watershed is agricultural land. TWF is unique because we not only focuses our efforts on lakes and streams, but also on land, the source of pollution. Check out how local farmers are keeping their land green, and our waters clean

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  • Healthy Shorelines Initiative

    Healthy Shorelines make a difference by improving water quality, improving shoreline habitat, reducing erosion and reducing nutrient runoff. This program was named one of the National Fish Habitat Partnership’s Top 10 Waters to Watch for innovation and conservation! Check out how you can be a part of this natural movement.

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  • Snapshot Water Monitoring Day

    Hundreds of volunteers from our community come together for a single day each September to monitor water samples from our streams, providing us with a unique ‘Snapshot’ of water quality across our entire watershed. Learn how TWF uses this important data to plan future conservation projects.

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  • Clear Choices, Clean Water

    TWF and just launched its newest public action campaign to help prevent bacteria and algae in our waters – Don’t Feed Waterfowl, Their Poo is Fowl Too! Learn about how your everyday choices and actions can make a difference in our watershed, and pledge to do your part.

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  • Clean Waters Partnership

    With backing from the EPA, TWF is leading a cross-organization partnership was created to develop a watershed management plan (WMP) for the Warsaw-Winona area. In the process of building a WMP, we  will gather and examine all the available watershed data, get input from the community, itemize the critical problem areas in the watershed, set goals and create an action strategy to get the improvements completed.

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  • KWWIP - Kosciusko Water & Woodland Invasive Partnership

    This local group Invasive Species management group was established in 2020 as part of a statewide program to control the spread of harmful invasive plants on our land and in our water. Learn more and join the effort!

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