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A legacy of Service: TWF remembers Gary Calhoun

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Gary received an award for 15 years for service to the TWF board in 2011. From left is Mike Lattimer, Jane Loomis, Gary Calhoun and Bob Smith.

The Watershed Foundation mourns the loss of a dedicated board member emeritus, Gary L. Calhoun. Gary served an influential role in the formation of the Tippecanoe Environmental Lake and Watershed Foundation in 1997 — the organization that eventually became The Watershed Foundation.

We extend our condolences to his wife, Ginger, his family and to many friends who held him in great esteem.

At Gary’s request, memorial gifts given in his name may be made to The Watershed Foundation, in care of Lake City Bank, P.O. Box 1671, Warsaw, IN 46581.

To read more about Gary’s life and accomplishments, visit


Here are Gary Calhoun’s poignant answers to a TWF Board & Emeritus Member Survey in 2019:

What would you like to be said about your accomplishments?

A few treasured mementos from the life of Gary Calhoun.

“He was a nice, friendly guy who often didn’t seem to be all that sharp, but whom you did not want to have as your adversary in court,” Gary said.

What lasting lesson have you learned from working with TWF or in relation to our mission?

“That sometimes in life a crushing defeat and/or rejection such as the failure of LTPO’s original sewerage project….can actually be a good thing by becoming the impetus for a better/stronger environment for change through the desire to do what is right for the lake and environmental issues, as well as for education of those who were oblivious to our lives, our community, and the future of our lake. In our case, the suffering of the “sewer wars” resulted in the formation of TWF which has risen to the status of one of, if not THE leading organization for water quality in northern Indiana. We have all become more educated and aware of the wonder that is our environment overall – and our lakes in particular. No greater mission exists than to try to preserve and improve our environment for future generations who will succeed us as the caretakers for all who take the time to live it, enjoy it, and most importantly, preserve it,” Gary said in the survey.