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TWF announces new leadership for 2024

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

TWF Posted by: TWF

The Watershed Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of officers to the executive committee and the introduction of new board members for the 2024 term.

John O’Neill, a dedicated advocate for environmental stewardship, has been appointed the President of the Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of experience to lead the organization forward. Serving alongside O’Neill, Aggie Sweeney will assume the role of Vice President, contributing her expertise to support the foundation’s mission.

The executive committee will maintain continuity with Ryan Drake serving as Secretary and Alex Hall as Treasurer. Their commitment and dedication to The Watershed Foundation’s goals ensure the smooth operation of the organization.

In an effort to expand the depth of representation, two outstanding individuals have been appointed as at-large representatives to the executive committee. Walt Hessler of Loon Lake and Stacie Schlichtenmyer of Pike Lake will bring their unique perspectives to the leadership team.

Furthermore, the organization welcomes Mikie Crate to the TWF Board of Directors for her inaugural term. Her passion for environmental causes and commitment to community engagement align seamlessly with the values of The Watershed Foundation.

The Watershed Foundation is excited about the incoming leadership and board members, confident that their diverse skills and backgrounds will contribute significantly to the continued success of the organization in preserving and enhancing the water quality of our lakes and surrounding ecosystems.