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Schlipf Precision Ag Winter Workshop provides information about technology, best practices

Monday, February 5, 2024

TWF Posted by: TWF

In late January, The Watershed Foundation had a unique opportunity to connect with local farmers at the Schlipf Precision Ag Winter Workshop. Held at the Schlipf Precision Ag (SPA) facility in Milford, the annual event brings ag professionals together to learn about the latest developments in farming technology and practices. This year, SPA also invited local conservation organizations to attend. Representatives from The Watershed Foundation, Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation, Kosciusko Soil and Water Conservation District, and Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District each spoke about their programs and services for farmers.

Addressing the crowd of over 100, watershed conservationist Brad Clayton gave a brief overview of TWF’s mission to protect water quality. He highlighted the Healthy Soils Initiative, which provides technical assistance and cost-share opportunities for conservation practices. Funding is available for a range of projects, including precision technology and equipment upgrades that enable more efficient planting, nutrient and chemical application, and more. Investments like these can help increase profit and sustainability, improve soil health, and protect water quality. 

“We want to help farmers in their work,” says Clayton. “If they’re able to do their jobs more efficiently, then that’s good for conservation and good for water quality too. We want to help them make that investment.” 

Ben Schlipf, co-owner of Schlipf Precision Ag, noted that many local growers already use conservation practices, but they may not be aware of organizations who can support their efforts. “Who are the teammates around us who can help us do the conservation farming we want to in the ways that work on our farms?” he asked the audience. “These partners can help with the tools farmers need to evolve.”

In-person conversations are key to growing awareness and building relationships within the ag community, says Brad Clayton. “Events like this introduce us to people who don’t know us. It shows producers that we’re willing to come to them.” 

Thanks to Schlipf Precision Ag for their hospitality and for a great day of learning and connection!

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To see how local farmers are making a difference for water quality, visit our Conservation Farming page and explore our Healthy Soils Clean Water project map.