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Ask Lyn: Oh Buoy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

TWF Posted by: TWF

Dear Lyn,

Can you please explain the different types of buoys on the lake? Where do I need to avoid or go idle speed only?


Oh Buoy!


This is a great question! A safe boater is a happy boater – especially with such a busy weekend coming up. Buoys are generally placed in areas where watercraft must reduce speed (idle speed in narrow channels and 10 mph on small lakes), for navigational safety, and for recreational safety (swimming areas). Homeowners may place their own buoys LESS THAN 200′ from shore

As a rule, do not operate a boat or watercraft within 200’ of shore – unless coming or going from shore. And you must remain at idle speed when within 200′ from shore. It’s the law.

I hope you find this information useful!



Mooring buoy

mooring buoy marks an area for mooring or securing vessels.

Information buoy

An information buoy displays information to the driver of the boat.

Hazard buoy

hazard buoy marks random hazards such as rocks and shoal. It is white with an orange diamond on two opposite sides and two orange horizontal bands.

Control buoy

control buoy marks an area where boating is restricted.

Keep out buoy

keep out buoy indicates an area closed to navigation

Diving buoy

 diving buoy marks an area where diving activity is taking place.

Swimming buoy

 swimming buoy defines a swimming area.

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