Smithsonian Water|Ways Exhibit

Summer 2021

TWF was honored to host the Smithsonian Water|Ways with the North Webster Public Library this summer as the first stop for this exhibit in Indiana! Water|Ways is a part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and the Indiana Humanities Council to bring world-class exhibits to small towns.

We explored water’s effect on landscapes, settlement, culture, and spirituality. We showcased the value of our rich water resources, and we sparked conversations about the stewardship of our local lakes and watershed. #MyWaterStory #ThinkWater

By the numbers:

  • We had over 1,600 visitors!
  • 36 amazing volunteer docents worked 294 hours – covering nearly the entire time the exhibit was open for 6 weeks!
  • We held 15 programs and 3 “open house” events drawing 629 attendees!
  • We had financial and in-kind support from 20+ local organizations and businesses!

The NWCPL’s complementary local exhibit featured three 4’ x 4’ canvas panels displaying local history of the town and Tippecanoe and Webster Lakes through photographic collages. These are now on permanent display in the local history section of the library.

The Watershed Foundation’s local exhibit “Land of Lakes”, was developed in cooperation with members of the Clean Waters Partnership:  Kosciusko County Soil and Water Conservation District, Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams, and the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation. This fascinating and beautiful display will continue to be shared with our community for years to come.

Land of Lakes” is on display at the Warsaw Public Library through January 3, 2022. We welcome suggestions for additional hosting sites.

Hosting the Water|Ways exhibit increased awareness about the value of our water resources and invigorated ongoing conversations about good stewardship in our community, prompting people to reflect on their own relationship and responsibilities to water. Additionally, through our many partnerships, the exhibit helped us connect residents and visitors with local information and organizations that work to protect our lakes and streams. We hope that by viewing the Water|Ways exhibit and our local water story, engaging with resources, and attending programs, individuals were empowered to take action for our water through small, impactful choices in their own lives.

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