Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed Map

Land and lakes that drain the headwaters of the Tippecanoe River in portions of Kosciusko, Whitley, and Noble Counties in Indiana

Crooked Lake

Big Lake

Loon Lake

Old Lake

New Lake

Goose Lake

Robinson Lake

Ridinger Lake

Webster Lake

Barbee Chain of Lakes

Lake Tippecanoe

Chapman Lake

Pike Lake

Winona Lake

Center Lake

Tippecanoe River

The Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed

The Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed covers 236 square miles and contains over 60 lakes.

  • 1 Crooked Lake
  • 2 Big Lake
  • 3 Loon Lake
  • 4 Old Lake
  • 5 New Lake
  • 6 Goose Lake
  • 7 Robinson Lake
  • 8 Ridinger Lake
  • 9 Webster Lake
  • 10 Barbee Chain of Lakes
  • 11 Lake Tippecanoe
  • 12 Chapman Lake
  • 13 Pike Lake
  • 14 Winona Lake
  • 15 Center Lake
  • 16 Tippecanoe River

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