Past Projects (1997-2007)

Examples of TWF Water Quality Improvement Projects Installed 1997 - 2007


Indian Creek – built two detention basins for storm water run-off from the Tippecanoe Lake Country Club golf course to prevent nutrients and bacteria from entering the lake


Hanna B. Walker – restored a legal drain and sediment trap to prevent nutrient, sediment and bacteria loading to the lake


Kuhn Ditch – restored the hydrology to three wetland areas totaling 8 acres, planted 18,000 trees on 40 acres of recent corn & soybean fields, returned 48 acres to native prairie lands and installed grade controls to the main stream to control nutrient loads to the lake


Wildlife Habitat – co-sponsored a project to convert 6 acres of cropland to wildlife habitat located in the Grassy Creek watershed


Miller/Rostachek – involved construction of 2700 lineal feet of water and sediment basins on two severely eroding farm fields into Elder Ditch, to stop sediment loads


Cormany Farms Buffer – teamed up with Cormany Farms in establishing a filter strip buffer along the McDonald-Cunningham Ditch, located in the Grassy Creek watershed-to help trap the sediment, nutrients and pesticides coming from the adjacent fields before they could enter the streams or lake


Palmer Wetland Restoration – restored and enhanced an existing 2 acre wetland


Langhor Wetland  – re-routed a legal drain and constructed a sediment trap and wetland filter along Shanton Ditch-to prevent the excess of sediment, nutrients and bacteria loading


Dredging – sponsored dredging of 3 of Lake Tippecanoe’s inlets that had protection practices in place to clean up the nutrient laden sediments


Smalley Lake – sponsored a study for the Smalley Lake area to pinpoint the high amount of nutrients and sediment that flows from both the Northern Inlet and the Tippecanoe River


Crooked Lake – construction of five sediment basins to help reduce sediment and nutrient loading into the headwaters of the Tippecanoe River watershed


Putney Ditch – restored and stabilized the ditch that drains to Irish Lake


Webster Drain Study – identified 18 storm drains and recommended steps to improve water quality that drains to Webster Lake

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