Winona Lake Shoreline Update

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

After almost TWO years we can’t contain our excitement, relief and thankfulness for the fruition of this project!  We’re really proud of our community, TWF staff, leaders, volunteers and a myriad of other businesses, people and grants that came together to make this happen. This project will provide a huge water quality and public health benefit to the lake, the park, and the community.

Fast facts:

o   150 students – 5th graders from Jefferson & 6th graders from Washington STEM

o   38 adult volunteers

o   5,500 native plants

o   500 feet of lakeshore & 1,000 feet of streambanks

This project is important for the health of Winona Lake & Limitless Park for so many reasons! Take a look at how the glacial stones, native plants and don’t feed waterfowl campaign will protect our lake and make a healthier park.

We’d like to thank the Warsaw Times Union for joining us and writing THIS ARTICLE.

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