Caitlin Yoder Joins the TWF Team!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Watershed Coordinator Caitlin Yoder is the newest addition to TWF.

The Watershed Foundation has expanded its team with the addition of a Watershed Coordinator for the Warsaw-Winona Lake areas. Please join us in welcoming Caitlin Yoder. Caitlin grew up in Warsaw, Indiana, and is a 2010 graduate from Warsaw Community High School. Caitlin furthered her education by achieving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Grace College. She also holds a Certificate in Watershed Management from the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy at Purdue University. 

Caitlin grew up very passionate about building community and protecting the environment. “It is easy to forget how fortunate we are in northern Indiana to have so many sources of freshwater right at the surface! Many other places in the world are constantly battling to have enough clean water to support their citizens. We should be proud of and protect our waters and all the benefits they provide us…aesthetically, economically, socially, and environmentally,” Yoder stated. 

Caitlin is no stranger to The Watershed Foundation. She worked with The Watershed Foundation in a partner capacity while at the Lilly Center for the past six years. She said, “The Watershed Foundation is doing great work because they prioritize taking action with tangible projects on the land and shorelines to improve the water quality within the lakes. They also do a great job of educating the public, so they are aware of how their actions affect water quality”. During her time at the Lilly Center, she has built up experience and vision for bringing people together and helping them understand the connection to our freshwater lakes. “As Watershed Coordinator for the Clean Waters Partnership, she will be able to fulfill the vision of bringing even more people together. She will engage youth and adults, as well as unite partner organizations in taking action for water quality,” TWF Executive Director Lyn Crighton stated. 

One fun fact about Caitlin is that she is a huge fan of bugs. “I kept spiders and worms in jars in my room as a kid, and even made my parents take two beetles with us on vacation to Florida. They made the whole 20-hour drive there and back”. When she is not at work or enamored with insects, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband Vincent and her two sons (Theo, 7 and Fletcher, 2).  Together they also have a cat (Sushi) and a golden doodle (Sammy). 


Caitlin can be reached at or at 574.834.3242

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