TWF maps out Water Conservation Success Stories

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

TWF has launched a new interactive online map highlighting local water quality conservation successes. The map showcases many of the agricultural and shoreline projects that have been completed with TWF’s support in recent years.

The new site,, features information about these projects, including the landowner’s name, county, TWF’s cost share and other project partners.

“We are proud of the work that our partners do, so we have developed this online resource to showcase their successes,” said TWF Executive Director Lyn Crighton.  “We hope that the Healthy Soils Clean Water site will serve as an educational resource, highlighting local conservation success stories in order to engage new agricultural partners, local leaders, and prospective donors across our watershed.”

The new site also has information about TWF’s Soil Health Initiative and Technical Assistance Programs, along with eligibility criteria and contact details for TWF’s three Watershed Conservationists.

TWF has supported more than 200 land and water conservation projects over the last 20+ years, working with landowners to find long-term solutions to soil erosion and run-off issues.

The estimated water pollution reductions from TWF projects over the last six years have helped prevent an estimated 1 billion pounds of weeds and algae from fouling our local lakes.

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