Success Stories & Interactive Maps

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

On March 20, 2019, 13 groups from 8 counties in Northwest Indiana gathered to accept over $36,000 in grants. Arrow Head presented TWF with $4,000 towards our Success Stories & Interactive Maps project.

Interactive project map

The interactive online project map will show the number and geographic distribution of the 220+ conservation projects that we have already completed in our watershed. It will also show the projects that are underway and stay up-to-date with real-time data with new projects as greater success is achieved.

online story map

The online story map will combine geographical locations with visually-compelling photos, videos, and text to tell TWF’s story and to educate and inspire people to take action for clean water.

Agricultural communications intern

The internship program will allow TWF to update and maintain data, photos, and descriptions of each water quality improvement and conservation project. In addition to keeping our online Project Maps updated, the stories and project information will be used in press releases, newsletter articles, website updates, Facebook posts, and presentations.


This new initiative will lead to an increased community understanding of the land/water connection (watershed) and their excitement for protecting and improving these resources. These projects will inform TWF supporters and the public about the work being accomplished – types of projects, locations, costs, and pollution reduction impacts. We will also showcase landowners who are leading the way in good conservation practices – potentially inspiring others to do the same!

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