First major agricultural project in Warsaw/Winona area completed

Monday, September 28, 2020

TWF’s first large-scale agricultural project in the Warsaw area has recently been completed, reducing the amount of excess soil nutrients from reaching Winona Lake and ancillary waterways.

The Leiter Farm project includes 1,500 ft of new grassed waterway, 2,890 ft of underground tile to handle standing water, two new water and sediment control basins to help with gully erosion, and three grade stabilization structures to further aid infiltration and prevent erosion.

Implementation of these practices will reduce runoff pollution – including 191 tons of sediment, nearly 200 pounds of phosphorus, and 380 pounds of nitrogen from leaving the farm each year.

Run-off from this land flows into Peterson Ditch and makes its way to Winona Lake. The reduced nutrient load will improve the balance of the lake’s ecosystem, resulting in fewer weeds and algae.

TWF is provided technical and financial support for this project, in partnership with the Leiter family, the Ransbottom family, the Kosciusko County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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