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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Are you passionate about lakes? Do you care about your community? Do you want to take action to protect these vital natural resources? Then, The Watershed Foundation (TWF) Board wants you!

TWF is looking for individuals to join its Board of Directors that have the drive and ability to advocate, network and ensure the sustainability of the organization. A commitment to preserving and protecting water quality is required, and board experience is a plus.

Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Develop the mission and review it annually to assure that the mission remains relevant to the changing environment.
  2. Serve on at least one standing committee.
  3. Regularly attend monthly board meetings and scheduled committee meetings.
  4. Support the organization’s fundraising activities. (Give a personal gift annually; Help promote the activities of the organization; Link the organization with community resources that you are familiar with.)
  5. Attend board development and education programs.
  6. Govern through board action. (Develop and monitor key operating policies and procedures; Determine program priorities and monitor the effectiveness of programs and services; Adopt annual budget and monitor general financial conditions; Ensure that resources are adequate to address organizational plans; Select, support and evaluate the Board President; Ensure effective annual and long-range planning and monitor progress toward goals.)
  7. Serve as a representative of the organization to the community. (Promote the organization’s values, mission, vision, and public image; Link potential volunteers to the organization; Stay abreast of trends and developments happening throughout the community; Refer individuals who may have concerns to the Foundation; Bring feedback to the organization regarding community concerns or compliments.)


Contact TWF development director Tamara Drake at or 574/834-3242 for more information.

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