The Biggest Match This Year Is…

Monday, December 6, 2021

Dear Lyn,

Howdy! What is the biggest match you have this year? When is the Business Match Challenge? I heard new monthly donations have a TRIPLE MATCH; is that true?

Sincerely, My Gifts Make a Big Impact


Dear My Gifts Make a Big Impact,

You heard correctly! If you join our Tributary Club with a new automatically recurring (monthly or quarterly) donation your gift will be TRIPLED throughout 2022 thanks to a match from a generous donor! ♥

In addition, our Business Match campaign continues with weekly challenges through the end of the year.  Awesome local businesses who care about our lakes match your online gifts dollar for dollar – doubling your impact! It’s a Win-Win for all of our great supporters and our lakes & watershed!


Lyn Crighton, TWF Executive Director



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