2018 Picture Your Watershed Photo Contest

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

If you are anything like us, you have a plethora of pictures – from animals and nature, to family and playtime! At TWF, one of our most important duties is connecting others to the watershed, in a way that helps the community understand how we are all, in some way, connected to and benefit from our natural water resources.

We are all involved in different ways to our watershed, and we would love to see how you live, learn and love through the lakes and streams. Our annual photo contest, “Picture Your Watershed” is an important way that we can connect with our community, and show others how awesome it is to live in the land of the lakes!

Your pictures tell the story of how the lakes impact and affect your life. We would love to see them, share them, and let others know how important they are to protect and improve upon.

Be sure to read the following rules, terms and legal conditions before submitting any photos! Click here to read the legal conditions. The Watershed Foundation Photography Competition is open to participants of all ages.

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