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Natalie Fierek

President - Lake Tippecanoe

Career: Attorney with the Law Office of Natalie M. Fierek, LLC, with practice focused on worker’s compensation and social security law.

I love the lakes.  I love to swim, boat, just look at the water.  My grandparents loved the lakes.  My parents love the lakes.  My kids love the lakes.  TWF is determined to protect and improve the water quaility in our lakes and streams.  Supporting TWF helps to ensure that my community, my family, my friends and future generations will be able to continue to benefit from and enjoy this wonderful resource.

Greg Hall

Vice President - Chapman Lake

Information coming soon!

John O'Neill

Treasurer - Chapman Lake

What I value about TWF: I value TWF because it is a grass roots, community organization, taking action to improve our lakes and streams.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? My favorite part of being involved in TWF is seeing the results of improving our water quality and working with an outstanding group of people.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? TWF makes my community a better place because it is committed to solving water quality issues in our extraordinarily abundant lakes and streams.

People who enjoy our lakes, rivers and creeks, should all be motivated to preserve this extraordinary environment for our children.

Ryan Drake

Secretary - Lake Tippecanoe

Career: Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

What I value about TWF: The approach and dedication towards reducing and eliminating the sources of pollution in our watershed.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?  Being involved in TWF, allows me the opportunity to have a positive impact in our watershed that will improve the quality of life for our community.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?  TWF provides education and awareness to our community so that all members can take the necessary steps to support and sustain our watershed.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? It is a very real possibility that the lakes we all love and enjoy, in one form or another, could become unusable. Without community support and involvement, TWF would not be around to continue to fix issues that impact our watershed. Donating to TWF monetarily or by volunteering time, is one direct way for each and every one of us to be able to contribute to preserving a key natural resource in our community.

Ted Burnworth

Lake Tippecanoe

Former Career: Recently retired from 30 years of HR and recruitment at Johnson & Johnson and Depuy.

What I value about TWF:  We are actively working to promote and implement solutions to maintaining our water quality for future generations.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? TWF is a combined effort of a diverse group of individuals from the Board of Directors, to scientists to farmers who actively join together. I’ve been coming to the lake since I was young and I want to provide that same lake for my grandkids and the future. We have foresight in the issues that could face our lakes and proactively work to prevent issues like blue-green algae that ruin water, property values, and livelihood. They have some issues now, but it is not too late!

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? Giving to TWF doesn’t have to be only monetary, it can be volunteering- that is not to say we don’t need the financial support too though. Healthy water is for everyone, vacationers, and the community and lake residents. Lakes are the quality of life in the whole area and we have them to thank for the economy. Think of supporting TWF as protecting your assets by providing significant funds. We have unfinished projects that are at the starting gate and just waiting to be funded. This is an ongoing effort – we can’t just contribute once, because we will always have more long-term projects to complete.

Vicki Bolles

Lake Tippecanoe

Former Career:  Worked at a small manufacturing company for 42 years.  Retired as VP.

TWF is an organization that makes things happen. One can see results whether it is an “on-the-ground” project or the enlightenment of individuals when they begin to understand the things they can do to protect our waters, no matter how small or how simple.  Through education & showing results, TWF is making our huge watershed a better place to work & live & visit.

I have been around the lakes most of my life, both as a “laker” & as a full-time resident.  It is heart-warming to know that an organization — TWF — is working to protect & improve our watershed.  TWF is making a difference.

Alex Hall

Winona Lake

Career:  Assistant Director at the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College

What I value about TWF:   As an undergraduate student, TWF provided me with my first professional opportunity to combine and refine my interests of nonprofits and freshwater biology.  I was able to learn about the structure and management of nonprofits in the context of a dynamic, scientific setting that involves local residents and governmental agencies.  To this day, TWF continues to give me and other volunteers many outlets to make meaningful connections with those in our community that our work affects.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?   TWF works tirelessly to make environmental best practices accessible to anyone.  From presentations for young children at summer camps to informational sessions with local leaders, the information TWF conveys is understandable and relevant to those that take the time to consider it, resulting in a significant positive impact in our area.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?   As TWF’s work progresses over the years, more and more everyday people are becoming inspired to make better decisions that impact our waterways.  By doing so, TWF is creating a community that collectively values and places importance on our natural resources.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF?  I would hope that each and every person understands that progress is being made but recognizes there is still a long way to go.  Our lakes and streams face constant, sometimes unseen pressures that require the special and undivided attention that TWF is well equipped to give.  TWF has positioned itself well to connect people and resources that can create change; however, it requires the support of both time and money to continue this important work in our community.

Andrew Grossnickle

Little Tippy Lake

Career: Law Partner at Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin Law Firm

What I value about TWF:  Keeping our local waters clean benefits everyone!

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?   Helping to keep our local waters clean is a personal priority of mine because clean water benefits everyone.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?  By monitoring and analyzing issues and coming up with solutions to keep our area lakes & streams clean and safe for all.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? This organization gets results!

Diane Quance

Pike Lake

Career or former career/position: retired Director of Counseling and Guidance at Warsaw Community High School; currently Warsaw Common Council District 5 representative.

What I value about TWF: TWF takes the data and proposed action steps and makes them happen. It’s not just another analyze, discuss and brainstorm organization but a “let’s find a way to start fixing this and the money to do it” action organization.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? Action. We are waders in the water carrying out solutions to the problems that are identified.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? I represent Pike and Center Lake residents and we have long known that we see the effects of what happens upstream in our waters right before they enter the biodiverse waters of the Tippecanoe River. A Watershed doesn’t have political boundaries. It’s exciting to work with everyone involved, no matter the zip code, tax base or other designation. It will take all of us to preserve our clean water.

Tom Snyder

Lake Tippecanoe

Career or former career/position: Retired former president of Ivy Tech Community College.

Dave Smith

Big Lake

Former Career: Retired Mechanical Design Engineer. Lived in the watershed for the past 19 years. I am also on the Board of Directors of the Indiana Lakes Management Society. I was president of the Big Lake Association when we worked to get sewers on our lake. We have seen great success since the sewers have come online.

What I value about TWF:  Their teamwork and commitment to improving water quality in our watershed.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? Working with quality people on a common goal.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? The improved water quality

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? If people could see the improvements TWF have made to improve the water quality in our watershed.

Nick Stouder

Winona Lake

Career: Nick was an Orthopaedic surgical sales representative for 15 years before moving back with his family to build a house on Winona Lake and start a new career as a Landlord.

What I value about TWF:

I value the TWF because the effort needs to be exerted to preserve these lakes. Ohio and many other lakes in the US have already collapsed because of our callous disregard for water quality. I want to help continue TWF’s efforts to avert this possible future.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? A sense of assistance. Anything worth doing is not easy, therefore TWF is at the forefront of a difficult task. I especially appreciate the fact that TWF takes action on projects that actually have an effect and impact positively on the environment.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? TWF is keeping Winona a viable lake along with the entire county watershed.

Joe Tynan

Lake Tippecanoe

Former Career: Joe Tynan is a retired senior executive (CEO, COO, President, and VP) with over 40 years’ business experience across a variety of industries. Joe spent the first 20 years with the General Electric Company beginning his career in sales and marketing, general management, and including international responsibilities when he was G.M. of the Latin America Construction Business Operations of GE. He and his business partner successfully started a consumer product business and ultimately lead to bring in a venture capital partner. He finished his career here in Indiana with Ambassador Steel Corp. (now a part of Harris Rebar, a division of NUCOR). Joe led the business acquisition and integration for Ambassador Steel.

What is it about this organization that you value? The fact that we work to solve the problems in the entire watershed and stop the pollution at the source not treat the results of pollution in our lakes and streams.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? I really enjoy meeting the donors who support our organization and hearing their stories about their love for our lakes. And I get great satisfaction as we complete projects that are sources of pollution to our lakes.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? Not really possible for TWF to make it a better place to live- It is God’s special place already! It is our job at TWF to keep it that way for others!

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? I hope knowing that their donation is having a direct impact on keeping our lake a beautiful place for them, their family and friends.

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