2020 Snapshot Day Results

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Citizen science can be dirty work! Lily Crighton samples for water clarity in Cy Long Ditch, Oswego.

Like most other events in 2020, our fourth annual Snapshot Water Monitoring Day looked a little different than we planned! In a typical year, hundreds of volunteers join forces to collect, test, and analyze water samples from nearly 100 sites across the 246 square-mile Tippecanoe River watershed. The resulting single-day “snapshot” provides the valuable data we need to target our water protection efforts.

WACF partners Pam Schumm and Diana Castell have eagerly participated in SWMD every year.

This year, we held a scaled-back event with safety in mind. On October 1, thirty amazing, dedicated citizen scientists, all with previous SWMD experience, stepped up to the challenge. Working in teams of two, they sampled 80 of the 100 sites over the course of the day, having fun, getting just a little wet and muddy, and gathering the data TWF needs to take action for healthy lakes.

For example, here is just one interesting finding from this year’s SWMD results: unusually high levels of E. coli at Cherry Creek near Winona Lake Limitless Park, likely caused by pet waste. Read more about TWF’s response to these findings, our plans for future action, and how you can be part of the solution today.

A big thanks to our volunteers for their incredible efforts, and thanks to The Stanger Group / S & L Environmental for their sponsorship support! Snapshot Water Monitoring Day would not have been possible without all of you.


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