Theresa Sailor Announced as the Clean Waters Partnership's Watershed Coordinator

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 10:16am

The Watershed Foundation announces Theresa Sailor as the newly appointed watershed coordinator for the Clean Waters Partnership, an extension of TWF in the Warsaw area.

On Jan. 1, TWF received a highly-competitive $200,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to help cover the cost of developing a watershed management plan for this area, which includes hiring a watershed coordinator.Sailor, who has a successful background in water quality management projects and community resources, will oversee the completion of a WMP that will locate and prescribe solutions to the diverse array of issues facing our local lakes and streams. Prior to this position, Sailor had been involved with the CWP as a steering committee member and community partner with the City of Warsaw.

A view of the watershed

“I am very passionate about protecting our water resources,” Sailor said. “I believe that education, community dialog, and developing personal relationships are the most effective way to bring about change in a community.”

The Clean Waters Partnership is a long-term enterprise that will target the unique water issues facing the Warsaw area. The lakes and streams of the area offer a unique place for businesses and families to live and work, but both natural and man-made pollutants are changing our lakes. The symptoms of this aging include an increase in nuisance weeds, a decrease in fish and other biodiversity, and the acceleration of sedimentation.

Since 1997, The Watershed Foundation has been very successful in improving water quality in headwaters of the Warsaw area watershed. The CWP is an exciting new opportunity that will be beneficial for all members of this community, and the millions of other communities downstream. To learn more, or to become involved with this opportunity, contact