Osprey Nesting Site and Live Camera Erected at Crooked Lake

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 1:35pm
We are excited to highlight this project by the Board of Directors of the Crooked Lake Property Owners Association, Columbia City, Indiana. John Meier, president of Crooked Lake Association,  shared this amazing update with TWF. Join us in congratulating Crooked Lake on this amazing project! We're excited to see the Ospreys!
Osprey as a large fish-eating bird of prey, also called the fish-eagle, sea-hawk, river hawk and fish hawk. More than 99% of its diet is fish. Its height is over 24 inches and has a wing span of almost 6 ft. Osprey Nest
Every Summer the residents of Crooked Lake in Columbia City, Indiana, have no-ticed visiting, but not nesting, Ospreys hunting in the waters of their lake. No nests have been seen and a few residents asked: “Why not?” And then they added: “What would it take to attract a pair of nesting Ospreys to our lake?”
Thus began the quest to learn more about this magnificent raptor. It is a unique bird of prey in that its talons, which in most other raptors comprise three toes for-ward and one backward. In the Osprey, the third outside toe can be bent to the back effectively providing it with two toes forward and two in back. This is thought to allow for greater effectiveness in carrying its captured fish. Out of all the myriad of hawks, owls and eagles, i.e., birds of prey, only the great horned owl has the same trait.
An online search on Ospreys showed that there are several Osprey cams scattered around the country, monitoring the nest and viewable on a live cam website. However, there seems to be less than a dozen country wide, and none in Indiana. Most are in the Maryland, Eastern Shore area and also out in some western states. The Osprey is very tolerant of human activity, much more so than the bald eagle, which is very sensitive to noise and the hustle and bustle of human activity.Nest Going up with help from Whitley REMC
So our Board Of Directors decided we would take up the challenge of trying to at-tract a pair of nesting birds to Crooked Lake in Whitley/Noble County, Indiana. But we wanted to share this effort with everyone, so it was decided to fully equip the nesting platform with electronics to monitor the bird’s activity 24/7 during the 5 month nesting season from March to July. In order to do that, our first priority was to erect a suitable nesting platform. This report is about the first stage in our path to share the story of the Osprey. The live feed of the nest will be fed to a web site and people can monitor the inter workings of Osprey life at their leisure in live time. It is hoped that critical archival footage will be selected and available to be viewed in case the viewer would want to see the most recent activity in the nest, in case they missed it when it occurred live. We hope to capture nest building, egg-laying, egg-hatching, feeding, raising, trial flights, and eventual departure for the migration to South America.
Check out more information and pictures by clicking the PDF link below!

Osprey in Kosciusko County

Sighted an Osprey today while kayaking around the Ball wetlands at Tippecanoe lake. Very cool! I was amazed, he stayed perched on a tree leaning over the lake's edge as I padded on by. Wish I had my camera!