Let's Sprout the Future

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 5:08pm
The TWF is collaborating with an entrepreneur in the North Webster area who is working on new innovative ideas to help our lakes and shorelines be healthier with native plants!  He is looking for assistance, and asked that we share this opportunity.

Sprout the Future

From restoring shorelines to growing organic food in soil-less systems, a great deal of new opportunity for scientific discovery and practical invention has emerged from a practice dubbed aquaponics. "Aquaponics" is an alternative to hyrodponics that works by using nature's nutrient exchange cycle between plants and aquatic animals (check it out on YouTube). It can be used to grow underwater plants, emergent plants, and traditionally dirt-grown herbs, vegetables, fruit, and more.  After about a year of learning about these techniques, I've come to believe there is a lot that can be done to benefit our local lakes as well as to create new forms of home-based food production.  Having worked alone on a few projects to this end in my spare time, I'm to a point where I've got a good start and would welcome the spare-time collaboration of a small number of individuals that might come to share the same interests.
In particular, I'm hoping to find people with methodological yet creative mindsets to help me assemble both data from previously published research and to join me as I build prototypes to test out new ideas.  If this sounds like fun, then please contact me!  Ben Ashpole, bashpole@gmail.com  Skill sets sought include agriculture/aquaculture, master gardening, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, or any form of passion for detail.  My hope is to gather and share high quality information with the world as we go.