Dear Lyn: Native Plants and Healthy Shorelines

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 10:50am

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Dear Lyn, 
I want to spruce up my lawn by the lake. Are there any lake-friendly ways to go about this? I love flowers and want to add beauty, and functionality. I'm tired of our old concrete seawall. What do you suggest? 
Springtime Ready
Dear Springtime Ready, 
The piers are now almost all in place, but boat traffic is still minimal. When you look into the water you may notice that it seems clear and weedless. This is because the sediment at the bottom of the lake hasn’t been stirred into the water through the action of waves.
Many of our lake shores have a mowed lawn to the edge of a concrete seawall.  This disrupts the ribbon of life on lake shorelines, creates added wave action, and stirs up the bottom sediments; which is one of the main reasons for algae growth, green muck and fish scarcity in our lakes.
Healthy shorelines have an abundance of plants both on the land and in the water which work to filter pollutants out of runoff, deter nuisance wildlife, stabilize the shoreline, and slow wave action. Glacial stone (or rock) seawalls are an improvement over concrete because they help slow wave action.
Natural shorelines can also be incredibly beautiful and easy to maintain without interfering with recreation. 

Combined, these practices reduce erosion and nutrients from the shoreline, disperse wave action, and decrease re-suspension of sediments.
For more information of how you can enhance your lakefront, visit THIS LINK or contact 574-834-3242. Our office staff would love to help you rock out your seawall!