2014 WCHS Rafting Contest Winners

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 11:44am
2014 WCHS Rafting Contest Winners
Front row:  Jen Hicks, Lyn Crighton, Tori Brinkerhuff, Madison Charlton, Darci Zolman
Back row:  Victoria Cornell, Kylee Gudeman, Jordan Ward, Bryant Selig, Meredith Phipps, Toby Stidams


All Warsaw Community High School freshmen who participated in the Water Drop river rafting experience on Grassy Creek and Lake Tippecanoe in August participated in a writing contest to share what they learned on their field trip.  Their directive was:  “Using the facts you have learned about the threats and dangers to our watershed, create a document to share your knowledge with others.  Let people know what the dangers are and what we all can do to help protect our watershed and our water resources.  Think creatively about solutions to create an interesting vibrant document!”

Cash awards were presented to the top entries in three categories of haiku, poem, and essay. The contest is sponsored by the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation through the Mary Price Education Fund, and it is supported by the efforts of the Kosciusko County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Warsaw Community High School English Department.

“The entries are always very creative. Our judges enjoy reading the students' solutions to water quality issues and the contest is a great opportunity for the students to reflect on the importance of the health of our lakes and streams,” said Lyn Crighton, Executive Director of the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation. Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out all winning essay, poem, and haiku entries below. Look for the PDF files. Be sure to read the first place essay “Restoring the Wonders of Our Lakes” by freshman Kylee Gudeman.