About Us

The Watershed Foundation (TWF) was founded in 1997 with the name: Tippecanoe Environmental Lake and Watershed Foundation (TELWF). The founding  residents and leaders from Lake Tippecanoe realized that to protect and enhance their community, a larger vision – a focus on the entire watershed – was needed. 

Lake and river water quality pollution problems and their solutions begin on the land, and this is where we focus our efforts. Runoff carries pollutants into the nearest waterway – and these pollutants continue to flow into our lakes- bombarding them with sediment, excess nutrients and bacteria. Water doesn't follow political or governmental boundaries, which is why we proactively take a large-scale approach to address threats to our lakes.

Click here to learn how we work with partners to promote healthy lakes!TWF has 20 years of experience in our watershed keeping our lakes and streams healthy. We are often asked, "How are my lake association, Center for Lakes & Streams and The Watershed Foundation different?" The diagram to the right helps answer that question. We each have our own strengths, and different methods.  

Taking Action

Sediment and pollution from runoff causes weeds and algae growth in our lakesWe are taking action to stop water pollution at its source on the land. We will  complete another 35 projects this year; reducing runoff and erosion through healthy shorelines, livestock fencing, wetland restoration, and many conservation farming practices.


Our education programs focus on youth and adults.

We are taking action to educate youth and adults on doing the right thing for our lakes through local events, such as the high school Water Drop, and  www.ClearChoicesCleanWater.com where you can join your neighbors in pledging to not feed waterfowl, pick up pet poo, and maintain your septic system along with other actions. 


Together we can make a bigger impact for our lakes!

We are taking action by leading partnerships throughout the watershed. Most recently the Clean Waters Partnership in the Warsaw-area, bringing together community leaders to develop a plan for protecting even more lakes and streams.


Our data scientifically proves the effectiveness of our work!

 Water quality is improving because of our work! Over the past 15 years, 9 of the 10 sampling sites in our watershed have significantly improved biologically




Watch our new video for a brief introduction to the The Watershed Foundation and our work to save our lakes.